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How to install a Palladio door

We all know that when it comes to Palladio, there is no substitute. A door for every home is what The Palladio Door Collection and now The Avant Garde Collection prides itself on.(more…)

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Lower your bills with Palladio

As autumn draws in, the already-increasing costs of living will face yet another surge because of the use of more energy required to heat houses. While the governments are in the process of creating packages that will contribute to running households, efforts need to be made on a granular level to avoid unnecessary costs.(more…)

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Why isn’t the Palladio door foam filled?

Why isn't the Palladio door foam filled? What is on the inside of your composite doors?We get asked this question daily as some of our competitors try using it as a selling point for their foam filled alternatives.The answer is very simple... we do not need anything in the middle of the doors! (more…)

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The Palladio Door Collection

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