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Latest Palladio News

Latest Palladio News

Partnership with the Irish Cancer Society

Cancer comes to many people’s doors- Profile Developments and the Irish Cancer Society are raising funds for when it does.’

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Influencer Ciara Glynn’s take

We had the chance to work with influencer Ciara Glynn on the front of her home in Dublin. She runs the lifestyle Instagram account ciaraglynn and can also be found on TikTok.(more…)

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Installer Case Study

At The Palladio Door Collection, when we say that the customer is the king, it is not an empty platitude- we mean it.And without our vast network of installers, we would have been nothing.(more…)

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Homeowners wanted!

When we say that the customer is the king, it is not an empty platitude- we mean it!
At The Palladio Door Collection, we've always strived to give nothing but our best.(more…)

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Influencer Ciara O’Doherty’s door

YouTuber and influencer Ciara O'Doherty decided to go with our doors for her 1950s-style house in Dublin and we cannot cope!(more…)

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Christmas with Palladio Giveaway Winner’s Door

Profile Developments- The Palladio Door Collection believes in the joy of giving, especially after everything that people have been through in the past years.(more…)

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Bog Oak Barcelona

The Avant Garde Collection

Buying a house won’t bring you happiness but turning it into a home certainly will.

We understand what your home means to you and the ever incessant demand to make it look more stylish but at the same time, secure. Our new contemporary range of stylish doors are inspired by a demand for modern clean lines that reflect the aspirations of modern architectural homes. (more…)

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Influencer Aoibhe’s door installation

We had the opportunity of collaborating with home and lifestyle influencer Aoibhe Devlin for our 'Christmas with Palladio' giveaway.Aoibhe is thrilled with her brand new front door for her dad's home. Here's how her door came to life- (more…)

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What To Expect in 2022?

New year, a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours.
Another Christmas coming up followed by the New Year- hopes, dreams and ambitions. (more…)

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Get into the Christmas spirit with Palladio tips

Christmas isn't a season, it's a feeling.
It is officially that time of the year when the streets are buzzing with busy shoppers trying their best to lay their hands on the fanciest of decorations.(more…)

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How we build a Palladio door

How we build a Palladio door

We are proud to present The Palladio Door Collection by Profile Developments, a unique range of beautiful composite external doors. Over ten years’ research and development left no stone unturned, in our quest to design and manufacture the perfect front door. It is our passion. Our client feedback and market growth are testament to the result. Our Palladio Door is the most superior composite door in the Irish & the UK markets today. And it comes with a 12 year manufacturing guarantee. (more…)

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Palladio social

The Palladio Door Collection is buzzing on social media!

We are eight months into the year, which leaves us four more to go until Christmas! The Palladio Door Collection has been going from strength to strength, which wouldn’t have been possible without your immense support through the last year and a half.In terms of door designs, 2021 has seen doors of all styles and colours taking off on Instagram. We feel blessed that our designs are loved and cherished by all and are very grateful for all the fantastic client reviews! (more…)

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