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Latest Palladio News

Latest Palladio News

Bog Oak Barcelona

The Avant Garde Collection

Buying a house won’t bring you happiness but turning it into a home certainly will.

We understand what your home means to you and the ever incessant demand to make it l..

Influencer Aoibhe’s door installation

We had the opportunity of collaborating with home and lifestyle influencer Aoibhe Devlin for our 'Christmas with Palladio' giveaway. Aoibhe is thrilled w..


What To Expect in 2022?

New year, a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours.
Another Christmas coming up followed by the New Year- hopes, dreams and ambi..

How we build a Palladio door

How we build a Palladio door

We are proud to present The Palladio Door Collection by Profile Developments, a unique range of beautiful composite external doors. Over ten years’ research and development left no stone unturned, in our ques..

Palladio social

The Palladio Door Collection is buzzing on social media!

We are eight months into the year, which leaves us four more to go until Christmas! The Palladio Door Collection has been going from strength to strength, which wouldn’t have been possible without your immens..

Influencer Martina on her Palladio journey

Martina from the Instagram account Martina’s Mark talks about how getting a door for her house that was built five years ago has been on her to-do ever si..

Million-euro houses What do they have in common

Million-euro houses: What do they have in common?

While the Covid-19 has had certain undesirable aftermath, potential homeowners have taken this opportunity and time to reprioritise what is important in their lives, instead of simply assessing the impact purel..


The Palladio Door Designer

As the temperatures are rising and the sun is shining a bit more, the weather is more favourable for all those renovations you have been putting off for the last few months! This year particularly, after exp..

FIT Show 2017 – NEC Birmingham

The FIT Show is on this Tuesday the 23rd of May in the NEC Birmingham and we are all packed and ready to go!! We will have an array of composite doors on display on the day with a few surprises to be launche..

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