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What makes our composite doors different?

  • Made up of 65mm reinforced fiberglass with a monocoque structure – this is a high security door, please note this is not foam filled.
  • Double rebated as standard – giving you a double seal as opposed to a single 44mm rebate door with a single seal for air tightness
  • U Value of .85 for a solid door. U Value of .98 for a glazed door – A Rated throughout the full range.
  • All doors are Renolit Foil Finish (not painted like all other timber doors) which matches the outer frame perfectly and is incredibly durable.
  • No Delamination – The unique structure means that Palladio doors cant warp, twist or delaminate.

Although this all sounds impressive, nothing beats seeing our composite door collection in person.

We can’t wait to show you some of our newest styles and colours too, you can even test out our door designer so that every door design and glass combination are at your fingertips!

We provide excellent support to our valued installers/suppliers

  • Showroom Doors
  • Marketing materials such as brochures, benefits sheets, pop up posters, samples of glass and colours.

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