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Top UK home improvement shows to watch

Top UK home improvement shows to watch

The concept of ‘home’ has evolved over the years for both personal and professional reasons. The entire family may not be under one roof, but that doesn’t change the meaning. Home isn’t just a house, but it’s a place where you should feel comfortable and safe. You should look forward to returning home, because it is your space. You don’t have to be the homeowner, this also applies to your rented accommodation, or even a temporary room. As long as your heart and soul are there, it’s your home.

Given the new ‘normal’ of working from home or #StayingHome, sometimes even the brightest corners in your home look a bit mundane, forcing you to think outside the box and get some freshness in.

How do you enhance your home then?


There is loads of inspiration available around you. Browse through social media, even if it’s mindless browsing. Instagram and Pinterest are great when it comes to beautifying hacks or DIY ideas. Or perhaps get a social media detox and flip through magazine pages. If it’s difficult to get a hardcopy of a magazine, you can always binge-watch! A picture is worth a thousand words and these days a video is worth a thousand such pictures! Home renovation shows are the one that seem to inspire us the most these days.


After much research, we’ve been able to compile a list of the top home improvement shows to look out for:



UK’s much-loved series, DIY SOS is a sure hit. From 2010 onwards, the series was revamped to DIY SOS; Big Build.

If you’re looking out for Ireland-specific content, watch out for Big Build Ireland where we have been featured.


Watch it here:



The show follows the journey of new and budding interior designers looking to make a mark in the interior design industry out there.



Virtual reality and visual effects enable people to see what their future home could be like, before building it into reality.


At The Palladio Door Collection, we make use of similar technology that allows you to design and view your dream door before making a purchase- Try our online door designer here for free.


One of the UK’s longest-running shows, it is famed for its unusual and quite elaborate architectural home-building projects and has been adored by celebrities, architects, DIY enthusiasts and everyone alike.



The hit Channel 4 series shows homeowners on how to get the most of their space by adapting properties to suit the modern lifestyles.


Next time you are watching that Netflix show, keep an eye out for the interiors of the house. Your door is the gateway to your home so not that is on your radar, you will see the different styles and the impact they have. After all, there’s no-where like home – sweet home.

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