Composite Front Door Info

Composite Front Door Info

Why Choose Our Palladio Doors Over A Standard Composite Door

There are many reasons why installers choose to work with The Palladio Door Collection. It is easy to sell a Palladio Doors as they are simply overall better value than all the other composite door in the ma..

Why isn’t the Palladio door foam filled?

Why isn't the Palladio door foam filled? What is on the inside of your composite doors? We get asked this question daily as some of our competitors try using it as a selling point for their foam filled alter..

Palladio Door

The Palladio Door Designer

As the temperatures are rising and the sun is shining a bit more the weather is more favourable for all those renovations you have been putting off for the last few months! This year particularly after exper..

Spotlight on the Palermo Palladio Door Style

The Palermo door is our number one seller in our composite door collection, possibly because it is available in both a glazed and solid option. As you can see this entrance door style would compliment both o..

Testing Our Doors To The Extreme – The Power Of The Palladio

Ever wondered what a composite door is? Have you heard of the Palladio Door Collection? Our unique range of entrance doors is different to anything you have seen int he composite door industry. But see for your..

Installation of the Week: Anthracite Grey Dublin door

Our Installation of the week has to be this Anthracite Grey Dublin door from our Palladio Door Collection with impressive matching sidelights. It really transforms the entrance to this home and will obviously a..


Spotlight on the Monet Palladio Doors

'The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back'. Choose a grand entrance to suit this feeling? Have a look at our our Monet door style which has been wel..

Chartwell Green Delights

As winter fast approaches we are looking for something to lift our mood in the Palladio Door Collection head office... and these chartwell green delights are just what the doctor ordered! [layerslider id="35..

5 Reasons Why a Palladio Door is Best

When choosing a front door there are many things that you must take into consideration such as your price point, durability, strength, thermal efficiency and of course aesthetics! If you are looking for a co..

Recent Contemporary Door Installations

The Palladio Door Collection aim to please and so we like to think we have an entrance door to suit all tastes. If you prefer a more contemporary front  door then take a look at some of the recent transformati..

Grey Front Doors

We don't quite have 50 shades yet but we have two shades of grey that are extremely popular at the moment! If you want your front door to be a step ahead why not be one of the first to order our new light grey..

Flood Testing

Flood damage can be devastating to a home and its occupants, not only because of the physical effects of flooding to the house but also the cost of repairing the damage can be astronomical. The Palladio Door..

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