Latest Palladio News

Latest Palladio News

Influencer Jasmin Walia’s Palladio Door transformation

We at The Palladio Door Collection have been thrilled to collaborate with singer and actress Jasmin Walia of the IG account jasminwalia (YouTube: jasminwalia) for her front door installations. Here's what the first installation in Chigwell looked like:

Here's what the second installation in Cuffley looked like:
Installer: Evergreen Glazing Come home to Palladio!

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Influencer Paul Brooks on his Palladio Door journey

Home influencer Paul Brooks of the Instagram account pauls.and.lees.home is in love with our door collection and of course, the easy-to-use door designer tool. Here's what he thinks about it: Here's how the installation looked like:

Come home to Palladio!

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Bog Oak Barcelona

The Avant Garde Collection

Buying a house won’t bring you happiness but turning it into a home certainly will.

We understand what your home means to you and the ever incessant demand to make it look more stylish but at the same time, secure. Our new contemporary range of stylish doors are inspired by a demand for modern clean lines that reflect the aspirations of modern architectural homes.

When we set about the task of creating this new collection of doors, we had to be sure we never deviate from the high standard set by our existing Palladio range of doors. Our new designs are inspired by the work produced by the ‘Bauhaus Movement’ of the 1920s and the work of Frank Llyod Wright.

The Avant Garde Collection is an attempt at unleashing the best of our creativity with 316 marine grade stainless steel lines into creating something so beautiful and meaningful as the finest entrance doors for your home.


The Avant Garde Collection is ultra-sleek and will add a modern twist to your home while importantly ensuring to keep you and your home safe and secure.

Some of the other benefits of the Avant Garde doors include being double rebated as standard, triple glazed units with matching sidelights that come with a renolit foil finish. The Avant Garde doors are made up of ultra-strong Durohalts composite structure and a revolutionary high density PU core that gives the doors massive strength and 100% protection.

After all, the front door is one of the most important assets to your home and we wouldn’t want you to compromise on that, would we?

The Avant Garde Collection is currently available in the Barcelona, Milan or Madrid styles in 9 stunning colours.


L-R: Silver Grey Barcelona, Bog Oak Milan, Silver Grey Madrid

Design your door using our free online door designer tool here or download our latest brochure to know more.

Come home to Palladio!

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Influencer Emma Downer’s take on Palladio doors

TikToker & DIY expert Emma Downer loves our Palladio doors! Based in Bristol, this is what she has to say about her doors.

Here's how the installation took place:
Who said TikTok was only for Gen-Z?
Come home to Palladio!

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What To Expect in 2022?

New year, a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours.
Another Christmas coming up followed by the New Year- hopes, dreams and ambitions. At The Palladio Door Collection, we hope this break lets you focus on yourself, your loved ones and your home. A lot of brands offer sales in January so that is definitely something you should be looking forward to. The Palladio Door Collection has experienced quite an adventurous 2021, with the early part of it being under lockdown, though the restrictions getting easier as the days rolled by. We have planned for 2022 to be full of surprises. More giveaways? More collaborations? More door images? More articles? Perhaps new designs? Look forward to welcoming new things by reflecting on the past and embracing the future. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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Get into the Christmas spirit with Palladio tips

Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling.

It is officially that time of the year when the streets are buzzing with busy shoppers trying their best to lay their hands on the fanciest of the decorations. With local stores and supermarkets enticing customers with their fanciest bits on display, it is safe to say that all we want for Christmas is to feel festive! Personal shopping aside, who doesn’t love a little splurge when it comes to decorating their homes during Christmas? While many of us stick to the annual routine of purchasing a wreath and hanging it on the front door, there’s so much more to decorating! Let’s kick off this project Christmas, shall we? Step 1: Christmas tree The most important asset to this festive spirit. A great Christmas tree brings in the festive cheer, though all Christmas trees, no matter their size or the ornaments they have been decked with, are great. You can either get a real tree or the artificial ones. A real tree would have its freshness, while an artificial one is an investment that could be used over the years. Christmas bows, bubbles, bubs and baubles are what you need to make your tree brighten up your home. There are ornaments available in every shape and colour so have your pick. Make sure to place some beautifully gift-wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. If you do not believe in the concept of gifting and think it’s too much of a hassle, gift-wrap something empty boxes. After all, it’s the emotions that matter. Step 2: Door wreath Wreaths are great for entrances but who said you have to have it just for your front door? Make an entrance by having a perfect wreath for your grand front door, and a stylish one for your back door. Instagram is great when it comes to shopping for handcrafted wreaths. Don’t restrict yourself to floral wreaths. Wreaths can be made of anything really, from fresh flowers to dried leaves, pines, berries and more. Garlands do the job too if you’re looking to decorate your mantelpiece. [layerslider id="80"]   Step 3: Home accessories Bring in the festive spirit by decorating your centrepiece or coffee table with scented candles (swap them for LED lights which are candle lookalikes), cushion covers, doormats, Christmas signs and figurines on countertops and other furniture. Potted plants in the hallway could also lift up your mood. Again, you have an option to go for natural plants or artificial ones. Red roses or poinsettias could add vibrance to the overall look and feel of your home. Step 4: Kitchen & dining accessories Your cutlery could do with a bit of Christmas stuff. If you don’t want to replace your cutlery but still want to soak in the festive vibes, try getting Christmas-themed table runners, mats, coasters table cloths, tea towels or oven gloves. Remember, good food is a good mood, so your vibes can be transferred into the delicious turkey that you’ll be having for dinner or the scrumptious charcuterie served in for the night. Important things to bear in mind:
  1. Make a list of inventory you have: Nobody said you have to mindlessly burn a hole in your pocket to make your decorations stand out. Reusing & adapting your old bits is what modern times call for.
  2. Clean up: Before you embark on the journey of decorations, make sure you plan and clean as you go - rather than give up before you get finished.
  3. Have a theme: Optional. You can go all in for the classic setting, or stick to a particular colour. Minimalism is also in vogue.
  4. Shop for prices: Don’t forget to have a browse online and compare prices before you make a purchase.
  5. Have fun: Turn on the Christmas music and make this an event you share with your loved ones. Enjoy the start of the festivities.
  Make your home a winter wonderland this Christmas. Happy holidays!

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Influencer Ed’s take on his Palladio experience

We have teamed up with the fantastic Edward Kercher of Instagram, TikTok & YouTube accounts @edshomereno In his own words: 'So excited to kick things off with this collaboration guys, full video of the installation coming soon! Let me know if you also hate uPVC doors and windows! I'll be posting every step of this project, I'm so excited' Here's what the installation looked like: Supplier:  

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Influencer Melanie about the door designer

Brighton-based home interiors connoisseur Melanie Boyden of the Instagram account melaniejadedesign has been renovating and extending her new house and one of the projects that she intends to do is to modernise her front porch, for which she chose to collaborate with The Palladio Door Collection. She designed and created a new front door using our free online door designer tool, which she calls 'fabulous', and says how ingenious and easy it is to create your dream door for your home. Her words, not ours ;) Have a look here:

Come home to Palladio!

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Influencer Grace on her Palladio door experience

Home & lifestyle influencer Grace Vaughan of the Instagram account my_best_laid_plans is all set to have a makeover for her home in Wales. Based in Manchester primarily, she has collaborated with The Palladio Door Collection for The  Yellow House and we can't wait to see the transformation. Influencer_Grace_The_Yellow_House In her words: 'The Yellow House is in for a's getting a new front door! The Palladio Door Collection have a fabulous online door planner tool and visualiser that help you pick your door design, style and colour. I hope you love the one we have designed as much as I do!' Here's her take on our free online door designer tool:

Here's what the installation looked like:
When are you designing yours? Have a try at our free online door designer tool today and see what can we do for you.
Come home to Palladio!

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How we build a Palladio door

How we build a Palladio door

We are proud to present The Palladio Door Collection by Profile Developments, a unique range of beautiful composite external doors. Over ten years’ research and development left no stone unturned, in our quest to design and manufacture the perfect front door. It is our passion. Our client feedback and market growth are testament to the result. Our Palladio Door is the most superior composite door in the Irish & the UK markets today. And it comes with a 12 year manufacturing guarantee.   Our approach to this has been innovative and radical. Our doors are patented in Europe (patents in the USA and Canada are pending). A Palladio door has a unique monocoque structure and when tested shows superior strength and durability. Our one-of-a-kind, best in class manufacturing facility in Glin, Ireland, uses the world’s most advanced Composite Door design process. Palladio doors are the closest reproduction of a natural timber door, embracing the original wooden door they are based on, that makes their exterior finish resemble a natural timber-grain. Our doors have an excellent U-value rating of 0.205 as tested by the Lambda testing method. The U value for a solid door is 0.85, while that of a glazed door is 0.98. You may also be interested in:   These doors are proven to withstand weathering and ageing using the best of tradition and technology. A Palladio door goes through a complex construction process. Every door is high-pressure moulded to reflect a natural wood door. After each mechanical step, there’s a quality check to ensure consistency. Also there’s an advanced tagging system that maintains traceability giving each door its individuality. Once formed, the door’s outer scale is put in a mould which is then reinforced by fibres by pre-programmed robots. After high-pressure has been exacted, the first half of the pigmented monocoque structure is complete- no matter the colour or finish, each door has the same high quality. The robotic arms apply a precise level of glue to both halves before they are evenly joined and then pressed together. These doors come with a renolit foil finish. Only a door that remains 100% true to its original nature will see the end of the journey.   The glass, too, undergoes a similar process to match the finesse. We use warm edgetech warm edge seals for the lowest U value possible of 0.7. Combined with our new range of patinated glass designs that consists of a sandblasted glass with a clear border, it is meant to give you a modern and contemporary look. In-house artists and cutting-edge machines work together. After the lead effect is complete, optional inserts are available. The finished glass is triple-glazed, adding to the strength and efficiency of the door. The traceability is an indispensable requirement at this stage as an intuitive robot recognises the requirements for each component and routers the door accordingly.   The steps that are involved in this glass-making process are:   Step 1: Spacer Bar Preparence Step 2: Hang For Assembly Step 3: Wash Glass Step 4: Unit Assembly Step 5: Unit Compression Step 6: Hot-melt Extrusion Step 7: Unit Inspection   Last but not the least we are very proud of the door furniture that completes our doors. The stainless steel door furniture such as the knobs and handles, letterboxes and levers are available in various colours and come with a 5 year Anti-Corrosion Guarantee. What’s more is the fact that we have also designed and manufactured a hinge exclusively for our doors, which keeps it visually concealed, unlike the more common flag hinge, which is unsightly. Our glazing system with beads that look like wood is also quite attractive. The entire tooling is made in-house.   To put it simply, a unique monocoque structure refers to the door’s external appearance and structure. Triple glazing can reduce condensation on the glass and has an extra layer to insulate the house. Double rebated refers to having two seals, where the first one makes contact with the outside of the door and the other one on the inside. Renolit foil finish refers to an exterior film meaning the doors don’t need to be painted. U-values measure how effective a material is as an insulator. You may also be interested in: Watch our latest glass factory video here:[layerslider id="92"]      

Come home to Palladio!

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Palladio social

The Palladio Door Collection is buzzing on social media!

We are eight months into the year, which leaves us four more to go until Christmas! The Palladio Door Collection has been going from strength to strength, which wouldn’t have been possible without your immense support through the last year and a half.   In terms of door designs, 2021 has seen doors of all styles and colours taking off on Instagram. We feel blessed that our designs are loved and cherished by all and are very grateful for all the fantastic client reviews! Have a look at our homeowner testimonials here:   Our installer network has also been growing. You will see that we are showcasing our installations regularly, featuring the relevant installers each time. Have a look at our installer section here:   Our Palladio doors have been spotted in the homes of influencers such as Kieran Corrigan, Martina Reynolds of Martina’s mark, Rachel Gorry, Tara Makeup Artist, Sarah McDonald of WestCoastBuild, to name a few others. We are grateful and very proud of their really positive feedback they have been sharing.   We have also been building momentum on YouTube (Make sure to click on the bell icon to stay subscribed for the latest videos and updates)   Twitter has been on a roll, and so has Facebook. We couldn’t thank you enough for all those likes and shares, homeowner testimonials and comments!   Our monthly Pinterest impressions have been on a high too - woop woop!   And now, we’re finally on TikTok! You must be wondering what good would we bring to TikTok considering it’s a platform for witty or humorous raw videos. You’ll never know if you don’t follow us :P   Be sure to stay connected with The Palladio Door Collection as we’ve lots of great ideas and exciting news coming up!  

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Sarah MacDonald on her Palladio journey!

Sarah MacDonald from the Instagram account WestCoastBuild talks about how she absolutely adores her Palladio composite front door. Here's what she has to say about The Palladio Door Collection: [layerslider id="48"] Door style: Edinburgh Supplier: Nessglaze, Scotland

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