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Why Choose Our Palladio Doors Over A Standard Composite Door

There are many reasons why installers choose to work with The Palladio Door Collection.

It is easy to sell a Palladio Doors as they are simply overall better value than all the other composite door in the market. As a result, if you are an installer you can quickly enjoy our incentives and avail of our discounts by selling more doors, this increases your margin and overall revenue.

Our doors are superior in quality. We use a Renoilt foil finish with a true colour underneath the foil with a renolit foil finished frame matching perfectly and will never fade over time.

The core of our Palladio Door is made up of 65mm reinforced fiberglass with a monocoque structure. This gives unbelievable strength and security to your home. (Please note this is not foam filled.)

Our Front Doors are “Double” rebated as standard with a 10 Point lock and 4 hinges as standard

All Palladio Doors are triple glazed with matching sidelight glass

Palladio Doors are A Rated as standard

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