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Our Palladio Door Collection is manufactured using the combination of advanced technology and the extensive experience of our dedicated workforce.

The Palladio Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us which is why we offer a 12 year structural guarantee on our Palladio Door Collection.

Unique monocoque structure

We have a superior range of composite doors uniquely designed with a monocoque structure (as opposed to being foam filled) and reinforced with 65mm of fiberglass resulting in incomparable strength and resistance.

Looks like a real timber door

The Palladio Door Collection begins its life as a real timber door, we place a gel mould over the timber door and transfer that grain detail onto the Palladio Door range. Each door has a renolit foil finish (NOT painted) which means that not only does each door have an impeccable appearance it is paired with durability.

Double rebated as standard

Not only is the Palladio Door Collection double rebated as standard (most doors are only single rebated), all glass units in the doors are triple glazed as standard and made in house which proves our dedication to providing a thermal efficient state of the art door.
This also means that we have been able to match our sidelight glass designs to the units in our doors perfectly but they can also be altered where necessary giving our customers artistic license over their glass design.

'The Power of Palladio'

If you are in any doubt as to why a Palladio Door is the only option for your home, please watch the “Power of the Palladio”

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