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Composite Front Door Info

Composite Front Door Info

Arched Toplights

Don’t arch-styled doors stand out from the rest?Supposed to have originated from the Roman empire, arches on doors have efficiently been used across all periods, be it Medieval, Goth or the more contemporary times.(more…)

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Bog Oak doors

We know what your home means to you and hence, at The Palladio Door Collection, there is something to suit every home, be it traditional or contemporary.(more…)

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Accessories and Security

A good home must be made, not bought.
We understand this and hence have a unique range of accessories that are available in a selection of colours. What’s more, all of our furniture is a matching suite- so they will complement each other!Our 316 marine grade Stainless Steel Door Furniture comes with a 5-year anti-corrosion warranty.(more…)

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Which door handle should I choose?

You have made the decision of replacing your current door to something more modern to match the contemporary vibe. But you wonder, ‘would a door knob look too boring?’ (more…)

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Installation of the Week: Chartwell Green Viking

Our Installation of the week is this striking Viking composite door from The Palladio door Collection by one of our suppliers in the UK as we couldn't resist showing it to our Irish audiences.This homeowner has chosen to incorporate a design unit from our selection of Viking glass designs which gives this door a more contemporary feel.The Chartwell green colour certainly grabs your attention and will brighten up any doorway! (more…)

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Door Furniture

At The Palladio Door Collection, we're so excited to talk about our recently launched range of Stainless Steel door furniture through our hardware supplier Mila.


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Pick a Colour!

Finding it hard to pick a colour? We have 13 to choose from so the rest is up to you but our past customers have found the door designer an integral part of choosing their new Palladio composite door...Try it out yourself here. (more…)

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Break in video

Our Palladio Doors are infamous for their strength and durability, this is down to our unique monocoque structure in 65mm of reinforced fiberglass.Now although this is good news for our homeowners, it might be a slight inconvenience for others...... (more…)

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Front Door Colours that suit a Brick Surround Entrance

We are often asked what colours in The Palladio Door Collection suit a brick surround entrance.Our customers have 13 stunning colours to choose from and we have chosen just a few of our favourite composite door installations below for some inspiration!(more…)

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The Power Of Palladio

Ever wondered what a composite door is? Have you heard of The Palladio Door Collection?Our unique range of entrance doors is different to anything you have seen in the composite door industry but don't take our word for it.. check it out below.. (more…)

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Dublin door anthracite grey, composite door, entrance door, front door

Installation of the Week: Anthracite Grey Dublin door

Our Installation of the week has to be this Anthracite Grey Dublin door from our Palladio Door Collection with impressive matching sidelights. It really transforms the entrance to this home and will obviously allow lots of light into this home while still being extremely thermally efficient.Did you know our U Value for this door is .98? (more…)

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Back Door Styles

Recent studies have proven that a high percentage of burglars gain access to your home using your back door.The Palladio Door Collection is the best composite door in the Irish & UK markets. The monocoque structure with reinforced fibreglass has withstood our strength test and passed with flying colours.Obviously, all of our entrance door collections can be used as back doors however we have designed some specifically with a rear entrance door in mind. (more…)

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