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Our Staff

Our staff are key to the success of our business.
We are very proud to be a diverse and inclusive workforce , housing some of the best talent.

Christmas Staff Morning

Our breakfast / snacks morning prove to be a great way to come together and socialise over tea / coffee and some scrumptious snacks, courtesy of local cafes, which also raising much needed funds for The Irish Cancer Society.

The Survival Of The Fittest

Our staff member Daithi and his family made it to the national television by participating in Ireland’s Fittest Family which is no less than a feat in itself. We’re very proud of the O’Regan family!

Soccer Stars

Our staff members Brian O’Donovan and Brian Carty organized a wonderful soccer afternoon with some of our fantastic staff members.

Meet some of our team members

Accounts/ Dispatch

More than just reporting.


Feedback is the breakfast of champions.


We’re talking money. Opening doors to endless possibilities.

Health & Safety

Prepare & prevent instead of repair & repent.


Providing great value, stylish doors a competitive prices.

Sales Admin

Where admin meets success.

Sales & Marketing

Marketing & CSR

Where our digital and social campaigns come to life, sustainability is at the core of all we do.

Sales Reps (Ireland)

We don’t just sell, we create partnerships for a lifetime. We live for the thank you from a satisfied customer!