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The Avant Garde Collection

Buying a house won’t bring you happiness but turning it into a home certainly will.

We understand what your home means to you and the ever-incessant demand to make it look more stylish but at the same time, secure. Our new contemporary range of stylish doors is inspired by a demand for modern clean lines that reflect the aspirations of modern architectural homes.

When we set about the task of creating this new collection of doors, we had to be sure we never deviate from the high standard set by our existing Palladio range of doors. Our new designs are inspired by the work produced by the ‘Bauhaus Movement’ of the 1920s and the work of Frank Llyod Wright.

The Avant Garde Collection is an attempt at unleashing the best of our creativity with 316 marine-grade stainless steel lines into creating something so beautiful and meaningful as the finest entrance doors for your home.

Introducing The Avant Garde Collection
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The Avant Garde Collection is available in the Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Dali, Gauguin, Madrid, Marquez, Matisse, Milan and Van Gogh styles.

Available in 16 stunning colours

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The Avant Garde Collection is ultra-sleek and will add a modern twist to your home while importantly ensuring to keep you and your home safe and secure.

Some of the other benefits of the Avant Garde doors include being double rebated as standard, triple-glazed units with matching sidelights that come with a renolit foil finish. The Avant Garde doors are made up of ultra-strong Durohalts composite structure and a revolutionary high-density PU core that gives the doors massive strength and 100% protection.

After all, the front door is one of the most important assets of your home and we wouldn’t want you to compromise on that, would we?

Design your door using our free online door designer tool here or download our latest brochure to know more.

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