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Palladio Cares

We are proud of who we are and what we do.

Established in 1984, Profile Developments has been the leading manufacturer in the window and door industry.

Our decades of excellence has seen all sides of the business and needless to say, sustainability is at the heart of it.
We want our doors to be something that our lovely homeowners and installers can resonate with and feel proud of being associated with us. Mindful conservation is what we strive towards.
With the rising costs of living, we understand how important it is to invest in a good value-for-money product, thereby easing the strain on natural resources. Our doors are composite in nature and energy-efficient which will retain heat and stand the test of time, unlike most doors on the market.

Creating Ireland and The United Kingdom’s best doors is not easy; a huge ton of waste is the byproduct as a result.

We want to create a sustainable legacy- make this world that we live in a better place for the mankind and for the generations to come.
We take utmost pride in ensuring that our policies are for the betterment of the enviroment and conduct audits on a frequent basis in our workplace. We sincerely believe in Reduce/ Recycle/ Reuse.
As a leading manufacturer, we can confidently state that none of our industrial waste is emptied in the landfills. Most of it is recyclable and that includes the PVC frames, airboards and medium density fibreboards (MDFs) used in packaging.
Fuel is a depleting resource and in our attempts to conserve the same, we have installed two electric charging stations at our site in Glin, Co. Limerick, for our company cars.
A substantial sum has been spent in installing solar panels in our factories in Glin. These solar panels will ultimately cut down the electricity usage, thereby making it cost and resource effective.

Our head office is at the epicentre of all our activities.

We have now switched to online invoicing so that it not only reduces the use of paper but also cuts down the hassles of sending out paper copies. That said, all our paper waste is shredded before disposal, which makes it both recyclable and biodegradable. We also understand that every little helps such as unplugging our devices when not in use.
Speaking of mankind, in an attempt to create a cancer-free world, we have partnered up with The Irish Cancer Society. Cancer comes through many people’s doors- Profile Developments and The Irish Cancer Society would like to raise funds for when it does to support the society’s various initiatives in eradicating it. Our breakfast mornings have not only raised significant amounts which have been matched by us but also provided as a team-building and bonding exercise for our hard-working staff. Our bric-a-brac and clothes collection have proved to be the perfect opportunity to give pre-loved clothes a new lease of life, thereby cutting down on wastage.
Change has to come from within. We are proud to be a diverse and all-inclusive workforce, providing employment to 230+ people, 90% of which could be classed as local.

Plans for the future

In our efforts to achieve a carbon-free workplace, we will strive to promote a single-use plastic-free workplace, plant in the village of Glin which we call home, along with the measures already in place.
We’re constantly looking for ways to create a better society. As a homeowner, you could do your bit to contribute towards the environment. Once you’ve made a decision on your new door style, you could choose to return the brochure and colour swatches, if requested, to the installer who fits the door for you. Gone are the hassles of having to send it by post or feeling guilty about simply disposing them!

When it comes to Palladio, there truly is no substitute

Dedicated to Sustainability

At The Palladio Door Collection, we are dedicated to enhancing sustainability for our customers by implementing effective waste diversion practices. Along with our recycling partner, Mr. Binman, we actively redirect all our waste away from landfills by fostering a circular economy where the materials are reused, recycled and repurposed.