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Energy Efficiency

Exterior doors can contribute significantly to air leakage if they are old,
worn out, badly installed or uninsulated. Some doors can also warp over time.

The benefits of having a high energy efficient rated door fitted in your home are as follows.

Reduces heat loss

which reduces your heating costs

Maximises insulation

Improves the thermal efficiency

Consider the doors energy performance ratings before purchasing your door.

Palladio Doors have extremely competitive U-values, in fact some of the best ratings on the market.
U-value is a measure of heat transmission through a material; in other words, the ability of the material to
prevent heat from escaping.

Our doors are also double rebated as standard which means that there’s a stronger seal for air tightness. The glass used in our doors is triple glazed, meaning that it is well-insulated, only allowing the sunlight to pass while trapping the heat within.

We also provide a certificate for the BER rating for Irish homes and for the U-value. If you’re someone who is conscious about saving the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, then these doors are definitely for you.

Download U Value Certificates

Palladio Door U Value Certificates
Avant Garde U Value Certificates