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Installer Partner Programme

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Installer Partner Programme

Installer Partner Programme

People ask for the doors by their name so they’re definitely aware of the brand and quality of the doors. As a business owner, it hugely benefits from having the door designer’- Classic Window Replacements, Dublin

How does it feel to receive compliments on supplying and fitting the best composite door in the market? Know it yourself by becoming a Palladio and Avant Garde door installer today!


Why work with us?

  • Dedicated online support: We have a brilliant door designer tool where you can design your dream door. You get to customise this door designer tool with your logo and host it on your website for FREE so that all quotes come directly to you. You also have access to our online ordering system OMS where you can view and order customised pricing.


  • Marketing support: We offer you samples, colour keyrings, brochures, benefit of our doors sheet, door off cuts, quarter sample section of the door, glass samples, showroom banner displays and even showroom doors* for FREE.


  • Resources: You also get access to a wide range of resources when it comes to door maintenance, hinge adjustment, brochures, videos, monthly newsletters with exciting giveaways and news.


  • Social media support: We have a thriving social media network where as our installer, you would be focused on and mentioned across our website/ Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Pinterest/ YouTube/ TikTok/ LinkedIn. We tend to collaborate with influencers and home connoisseurs so if you’re in the area as them, you might have the chance to install their door and get social media coverage from them as well! (Palladio will bear the price of this supply and fit unless stated otherwise) If you’re getting started on social media or would like some advice, check this out:


The quality of our doors speaks for itself. Some quick benefits of our doors:

Palladio doors from Profile Developments are exceptional. The build quality is far better than any other “composite door”; the door slabs do not warp, bend or fade and will not present service issues for homeowners or installers. There really is no comparison. The service from the team is also extremely good. Easy 5 stars.’- Finesse Windows, Birmingham


What other benefits would you possibly get working with us?

We tend to get a lot of enquiries from homeowners directly looking for a new front or back door, be it from the installations they see in their neighbourhood, word-of-mouth or over social and digital media. We distribute these well-generated leads to you, as our valued customer, which makes business easier for you.

By highlighting the unique selling points of our doors to the homeowners, our existing installers find that it helps them secure not just a door sale but also helps them sell their windows.

To quickly summarise the key benefits of joining our family would be:

  • Get a social media post across all of our social media platforms.
  • Be interviewed for our case study purposes and featured on our website and newsletters.
  • Free door designer on your website if not already.
  • Chance to work with a social media influencer.
  • Access to special initiatives organized by our CSR partner, The Irish Cancer Society.
  • A prize upto the value of €250 for every 5 homeowner testimonials that we receive through you.
  • A featured article on our website.

And more!


What is the lead time? How does the ordering take place?

The last thing that you’d want is endless waiting! Thankfully, we’ve a quick and short leadtime of 7 working days in production from when the order is placed usually, though delays may occur.

Once you become our approved installer, you will receive an activation email to our OMS system after which our representative will contact you for live online ordering and pricing. You will then receive all the other marketing materials and endless resources.

You can complete and save live quotes on the system. The quote can then be changed to an order if your customer (homeowner) would like to proceed. Once you place an order on our OMS system and hit release, you can track the status of your order that will then change to pre-production or in production; you will then see a dispatch date in the dispatch column.


Sounds great! How do I become a Palladio door installer?

Lovely. Fill in this form to get a callback from our fantastic staff who will get you started.


*Please contact us for more details on the showroom policy.