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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s obvious to have questions. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!
Why do installers choose to work with “The Palladio Door Collection”?

There are many reasons why installers choose to work with The Palladio Door Collection.

It is easy to sell Palladio Doors as they are simply overall better value than all the other composite doors in the market. As a result, if you are an installer you can quickly enjoy our incentives and avail of our discounts by selling more doors, this increases your margin and overall revenue.

Our doors are superior in quality. We use a Renoilt foil finish with a true colour underneath the foil with a renolit foil finished frame matching perfectly and will never fade over time.

The core of our Palladio Door is made up of 65mm reinforced fiberglass with a monocoque structure. This gives unbelievable strength and security to your home. (Please note this is not foam-filled.)

Our Front Doors are “Double” rebated as standard with a 10 Point lock and 4 hinges as standard

All Palladio Doors are triple-glazed with matching sidelight glass

By highlighting these unique selling points to the homeowner, the benefits become clear quickly over any other front door in the market. What our existing installers find is that it helps to secure not just the Front Door sale but the windows as well. This in turn increases the value of the sale and contributes to your overall revenue.

What other benefits are offered to installers when they work with Profile Developments, selling our Palladio Doors?

At Profile Developments, we tend to get a lot of enquiries from homeowners looking for a Front Door, from previous installations they have seen in their neighborhood, throughout Ireland or through other promotional activities we carry out.

We put a lot of effort into building our brand across Ireland. We are very active on social media and on the web in general. We promote and advertise our Front Doors directly to homeowners and generate incoming leads for our installers. We distribute these leads to you, as a valued installer which makes your life easier in terms of business development.

What do installers like about dealing with Profile Developments selling front doors from “The Palladio Door Collection”?

Profile Developments is a family-run business, dedicated to providing excellent customer service, fast response, and high-quality products. We respond quickly to any queries from homeowners or indeed from our installer partners. We are proud of our pleasant, helpful staff who are always delighted to hear from our customers.

What Marketing support do you offer your installer partners in Ireland?

We provide a wide range of marketing materials & supports that help significantly when promoting our Palladio Doors; Colour Keyrings, Brochures, Benefit Sheets as well as tools that enable you to view customised pricing and order customised doors online and our door designer which you can host on your website

Fantastic support is provided by our sales representatives who cover the various regions across the country.

Our Palladio Door is an extremely high-quality product to purchase and fit. There is a wide range of colours and designs to choose from, to suit every customers’ needs and preferences.

We offer a range of showroom supports including Showroom Doors, Door off cuts, quarter sample sections of the door, glass samples, and showroom banner displays.

Our Door Designer is a very useful tool. It is used by both homeowners and installers. Homeowners can build their dream doors and even superimpose their creations onto the front of their homes. This helps visualise how the Front Door will actually look, once it is installed.

As an installer, you can host our Front Door Designer on your website and your customers can create their door when they visit your website. Our installer partners find that this greatly assists the sales process, providing reassurance, to the homeowner that they are making the right decision in choosing one of our beautiful Palladio Doors.

Why should I buy a Palladio Door?

Our door is very unique and different from any other door on the market due to its construction process. The Palladio door starts its life as a real-life timber door, we lift the grain from a real oak door and transfer this onto a Palladio. The advantage of this process is it looks like a real timber door without the maintenance.

What makes a Palladio Door different from other doors on the market?

Most doors on the market are painted, whereas Palladio’s are a true colour with a Renoilt foil finish on the surface. The advantage of using this material is it will never fade. The true colour underneath the door means even if the door does scratch the colour will stay the same. We use a reinforced Monoque structure for the core as opposed to foam-filled. It is a double rebate door to give an inner and outer seal for air tightness.

Do you manufacture the door leaf or buy it from another supplier?

We are proud to say our Palladio door leaf is 100% Irish made, manufactured in a family-run company in Ireland called Profile Developments based in county Limerick.

Do you have sidelight glass to match the door?

Triple-glazed units come as standard in the doors with sidelight glass matching, most other door manufacturers in the UK cannot match the sidelight glass design with the door.

What is the standard lead time on Palladio doors?

The lead time can be up to 4 weeks in production, with a few more days for delivery.

When I place my order online where do I get my dispatch date?

Once you place your order on our OMS system and hit release the status of your order will then change to pre-production or in production, you will see your dispatch date in the dispatch column beside this.

Is the door painted or what is the external finish on the door?

There is a Renoilt foil finish on Palladio doors, rather than painting them, The reason we choose this is because it is extremely durable and does not fade over time.

How long do Composite doors last?

Our entrance doors are extremely durable and stand the test of time, so much so that we extend a 12-year construction warranty to all our customers.

Are Palladio Doors energy efficient?

One of the key selling points of our range of Composite doors is that they offer extremely competitive U values, ensuring that you have purchased one of the most energy-efficient composite doors on the market.

What sizes are the composite doors?

Single door with frame Min: 878mm x1951mm Max: 1006mm x 2191mm. Minimum size 858 with 57mm frame on the lock side.

Can I request a brochure?

Yes, you can follow the link on our website to download The Palladio Door Collection brochure in PDF format or fill out your details in the form provided and we will send you a hard copy in the post.

What is the Palladio door designer?

This tool allows you to design your dream composite entrance door and enables you to create your perfect Palladio door, you can also upload it to an image of your home to make sure you are making the right choice to suit your home.

Do you have an online ordering and pricing system?

We have an online ordering and pricing system called OMS. Once you register as a Palladio door supplier you will receive an activation email to access OMS.

How do I become an Installer?

3 easy steps. Submit your details and we will set up a call with our installer team. Our Representative will make contact to approve live online ordering and pricing. You will be supplied with marketing material and incentives to help you sell the doors.

How can I get a quote or where can I find pricing?

Once you become an approved installer you will receive an activation email to our OMS system where you can complete and save live quotes. The quote can be changed to an order if your customer would like to proceed.

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