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When Should You Replace Your Door

When thinking of renovating your home, an often-forgotten aspect is changing your front door. The front door makes a statement to your home.

Or if you are one of those who insist on using the back door primarily, it might be time to replace it, given its prolonged usage.

When should you replace your door? 

  1. When it clearly looks damaged: Vehemently scratched by children or pets, has visible holes on it or is squeaking. Remember, while it might be okay to give it a temporary fix every now and then, such issues are the tell-tale signs that the door is old and needs to go.
  2. Doesn’t open or shut properly: Most of us have, at some point in time, struggled trying to open a door, if not, shut it tight. We don’t need to reiterate how important it is to get your door fixed before lurchers get the wind of it.
  3. You have painted it several times and you just can’t do it anymore: You have been trying to save a few quid by painting your door at the beginning of every summer for the last 6-7 years but is your back able to keep up with it? More so, Sally who’s down the road from you doesn’t paint her red door which is still as bright as it was purchased when she had moved in 7 years ago! Plus the paint job over the years looks shoddy.
  4. Energy-bills are on the rise: Apparently, you have tried every trick in the book but can’t seem to lower your energy consumption as your house is always freezing. That is because your door is letting heat out! Look under the door to see any visible gaps/ holes. A good door shouldn’t let anything past- no draughts, water, pests or dirt!
  5. Not the best-looking: Come on, no one wants to be the talk-of-the-town with an ugly, faded door.

If you have found yourself in any one or all of the above situations, it is time to replace your door with nothing but the best on the market- Palladio doors. Our doors are not only extremely secure- 10-point locking system and a 65mm reinforced fibreglass structure and will never ever fade as they are not painted but come with a foil finish- would you believe!

Our doors are also double-rebated and triple-glazed as standard and will retain the heat in the winter. It’s no wonder that we offer a 12-year manufacturing guarantee along with a 5-year warranty on stainless steel door furniture and glass!

Design your dream door here today. Come home to Palladio!

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