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How To Install A Palladio Door

We all know that when it comes to Palladio, there is no substitute. A door for every home is what The Palladio Door Collection and now The Avant Garde Collection prides itself on.

As our esteemed installer, we would like to ensure that you’ve no hassles when it comes to fitting our industry-leading doors, which is why we have compiled this guide on how to install a Palladio door.

  • As an installer, it is your responsibility to make sure that you get in contact with the homeowner for an initial survey of their existing door and frame. Bear in mind our minimum door and frame specifications. Do not start any project before making sure that it adheres to our minimum requirements and that the door that the homeowner has ordered is in stock. This is when the homeowner discusses their requirements in detail and might enlist you for other services you offer.

We do not manufacture trims so if the homeowner has asked you for it, it would be up to  you to cater to their request.

  • Once you place the order with us through OMS, you will be able to track the status of the order. It takes around 4 weeks for the door to be manufactured and a few more days for delivery, though delays may occur. Make sure that your account has been cleared and that there are no outstanding payments to be made to us or any unresolved issues as they will only cause unnecessary delays.
  • Once you receive the door, make sure to check that the door isn’t damaged in transit/ any parts missing/ not as per the specifications you had ordered- the size, accessories, colour, style etc. In the rare event that the order doesn’t match the delivery, get in touch with us immediately. If you’re satisfied with the order, it is up to you to get in touch with the homeowner for a date and time for the installation mutually convenient.
  • On the day of the installation, ensure that the area surrounding the door (be it front or back) is clean and free from anything that might cause a hindrance to the installation process. It should take no more than 5 hours to fit the door unless there’s additional work to be done/ weather doesn’t permit/ other reasons.
  • Depending on what the homeowner has asked to do with the old door (be it simply dispose it or donate it), ensure that it is removed carefully and no hinges or anything from the old structure is left behind. Clean as you work so that you wouldn’t have to root through the debris while looking for the new door parts.
  • Make sure that the new door frame fits in the door opening and that you are able to drill holes in the frame as and when necessary. If it is of any help, get in touch with our team to know more about the type of door and the accessories that would be required for it.

You will need to use wedges to ensure that the door doesn’t move much while installing it as the slightest disturbance might lead to the door not opening or shutting properly.

  • Once the door is installed in the frame, leave room for adjustments if needed. If the homeowner has asked for work to be done regarding the bricks and surrounds, it is up to you to either carry out the works on the day or on a date scheduled by yourselves.
  • Before you leave, make sure to clean the area around and demonstrate to the homeowner how to get in the door, lock from the inside, get out and lock from the outside and answer any other questions that the homeowner might have.

It is your responsibility, as the installer, if anything needs to be changed to go back to the homeowner to make any necessary changes.

Our installation videos will guide you on how to install a Palladio or an Avant Garde door correctly.

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Please note: When installing a Palladio or an Avant Garde door with a slam lock and 600mm curved, 1200mm pull bar or slendertech handle, it is important to note that we pre-drill a 7mm pilot hole only by a machine as a guide to where the handles will be fitted. The holes must be drilled up prior to fitting the handle using an 8mm or 9mm drill bit.


Attention Homeowners: We are the manufacturers of the doors and deal with door trade only. We get a lot of queries asking if the homeowners could buy a door off our supplier and fit it themselves. We would like to advise that our 12-year manufacturing guarantee covers only if the door comes with manufacturing faults, which is unlikely, and not if there are any issues installing it. The responsibility to install the door would be the homeowner’s in this case.

Hope this guide helps you put it in perspective. A door for every home- Come home to Palladio!

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