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Top 5 Door Trends & Styles

Someone once said, ‘Good houses take work’ and we cannot agree more!

When it comes to laying the foundation while building your home or even renovating it, doors have a huge role to play. While in ordinary terms, they may just be a slab at the entrance and at the back of your home,  there is so much more to them.

A good door will not only be aesthetically pleasing but will also trap the heat indoors, saving you loads on the metre especially when heating costs are soaring at the moment.

Our Palladio doors don’t warp, fade or rust and come with a natural colour and grain finish. In simple words, value for money!

Palladio doors are available in 31+ stunning styles and 13 colours that will suit every home. However, for those looking for a more modern or contemporary finish, we’re sure that our Avant Garde doors will keep you wanting for more.

Here are our top 5 door ideas:

Bright and bold:

Unleash the Picasso (pun intended as we do have a Picasso style door- see Burgundy below) in you by experimenting with bold and bright colours that stand out from the rest:

L-R: Red (Viking), Burgundy (Turner), Blue (Kildare), Green (Palermo), Rosewood (Picasso)

Subtlety with grey:

There’s something indescribable about grey doors that make a house look so good. While not fifty shades of grey yet, we sure have something to suit everyone’s palettes. For those wishing for a darker shade of grey, Anthracite grey has you covered. For lighter-shade aficionados, Agate grey is your best bet.

Those looking for a royal touch, get home one of our silver grey doors.

L-R: Agate Grey (Kildare), Anthracite Grey (Dublin), Silver Grey (Giza)

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Pastel or near-neutral shades:

For the light-hearted or minimalists, try out these near-neutral or pastel shades that are in vogue.

From L-R: Cream (Dublin), Chartwell Green (Albany), White (Kensington), Light Oak (Belfast)

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Back to basic:

Finally, if you want to go for a safe option, consider our Bog Oak. Classic, elegant and timeless, Bog Oak doors are a sure favourite.

In frame: Bog Oak (Barcelona- The Avant Garde Collection)

Our top 5 door styles as of now: Palermo, Georgian, Dublin, Seville & Rome.

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