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Winter Door Trends

If winter helps you curl up and more, that makes it one of the best of the seasons.’

With longer nights ahead of us, it’s time to don your creative hats and revamp the front of your house to suit winter 2024!

After all, a good adorned door makes a statement to your house. It’s the first impressions that matter, remember?

Here are some top tips that could help you to give your front door the facelift it needs this winter:

  • Get a new door

We cannot reiterate this enough- If you have a front door with noticeable holes or gaps underneath, if it doesn’t retain the heat in or looks faded or worn out, it is time to get a new front door.

Manufactured in our world-class state-of-art factories, Palladio and Avant Garde doors are composite doors that come with a 12-year manufacturing guarantee, possibly unlike anyone else on the UK market today. These doors come with a renolit foil finish, which means that the colour will never fade away. Goodbye fading!

What makes these doors stand out from the rest is the fact that they are double-rebated and triple-glazed as standard which means they prevent the heat from escaping. Come summer, these doors will help retain the cool air. Did we say our doors are low maintenance?

While it has generally been observed that a darker-coloured door is much-favoured during winters, it is not a rule of thumb.

Palladio doors come in 13 incredible colours for you to choose from whereas the Avant Garde doors are available in 10 colours as of now. Be it a lighter shade or a darker hue, we have every style of door for your home needs.

  • If you have a door, add a wreath

We have seen homeowners over the years beautify their doors by hanging a wreath.

Natural wreaths made of small berries, pines and flowers do especially well, given the time of the year. However, if you think natural wreaths might be a source of attracting pests, you could always get an artificial wreath. Supermarkets and local businesses these days house a wide array of such wreaths to choose from, suiting every door type.

We advise you to exercise caution while hanging a wreath or other door decor as you wouldn’t want to cause any damage to your beautiful door.

  • Festive decorations

Add elves and other Christmas figurines around your door or at the kerb. Get some potted plants and adorn them with fairy lights or ornaments. If you don’t want to be too gaudy on decorations, keep it simple with the baubles. If you have a porch, add some fancy lights to it. Make sure to get energy-efficient lights that won’t leave a hole in your pockets.

Get some balloons! While it is different, it is not unheard of. Pull out the stops by creating a themed balloon arch for the entrance of your house- A showstopper when you have your family and friends over for Christmas and other dinner parties!

You could also choose to be bold and wrap the door with a mighty bow.

  • The inside of the door

Let’s not forget the other half of what makes the statement to your home, the inside of the door. Remember, it is equally important to choose a befitting colour for the inside of your home.

Spice up the hallway with some bright lights and clear the clutter to create a festive showcase and celebrate the spirit of Christmas to its fullest. You could choose to go with themed decorations. Garlands, potted plants, Christmas figurines and ornaments, basically anything that you think would be fitting for the interiors should do the trick!

As Taylor Swift, one of the leading singer-songwriters of today says, ‘I love the scents of winter! For me, it’s all about the feeling you get when you smell pumpkin spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, gingerbread and spruce.’

Don’t forget to enjoy and send us your Christmas 2023 door snaps to stand a chance to win a €75 Marks & Spencer’s gift card.

Design your dream door here today. Come home to Palladio!

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