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Back Doors

Back Doors

Recent studies have proven that a high percentage of burglars gain access to your home using your back door.

Getting a sturdy back door is a must yet often forgotten factor. While a good front door indeed makes a statement to your home, a secure back door will make sure that it is nearly impossible to break into your home, helping you sleep better especially if you’re down the country.

Our unique Palladio monocoque structure with reinforced fibreglass has withstood our strength test and passed with flying colours making it impossible to strike our doors down.

All of our entrance doors can be used as back doors, however, we have designed some specifically with a rear entrance door in mind.

White_Naples_Gallery_IRLBurgundy_Giza_Gallery_IRLSilver Grey Santiago Door

L-R: White Naples, Burgundy Giza & Light Oak Santiago

Design yours here today. Come home to Palladio!