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Door Colours To Avoid

When it comes to buying your first home or renovating your space, there are a ton of things that need to be considered.

While some slack could be cut when it comes to certain aspects, the front door is THE thing that will help create a first impression. You’ve to be careful here!

While it is rather subjective, if you live in a busy town, avoid white unless you want to incorporate cleaning the front door into your daily regime. Avoid a colour that won’t blend in with your surroundings. If you have a grey-bricked surround, getting a purple door might look a bit sheepish. Neon colours, while definitely adding to the kerb appeal, might be just something that could cause a frown when selling your home.

Don’t just go for a colour simply because it’s trending- request colour swatches/ samples and try to see the doors in action. Most door companies will oblige to this. But that said, don’t let us stop you from experimenting!

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While painting your front door could be a great family bonding (or solo) activity these days, you have to be careful to finish the job with finer detailing. Another thing to consider here would be the recurring costs that come with painting every year and the efforts that go in: Do you really want to spend a few hours every summer painting your door?

The Palladio Door Collection has something that will change your perception- Our doors come with a renolit foil finish, which means they are not painted. Believe it when we say, that gone are your worries of ever having to paint your front or back door. Our Palladio doors are available in 13 colours while Avant Garde doors are available in 10 colours, as of now.

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