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Door Colour: Bog Oak

Door Colour: Bog Oak

We know what your home means to you and hence, at The Palladio Door Collection, there is something to suit every home, be it traditional or contemporary.

Available in 31+ styles in 16 colours, and with the recently launched The Avant Garde Collection available in 9 styles in 16 colours, Palladio doors are second to none.

At The Palladio Door Collection, we focus on choosing one colour from our range of 16 colours each month, and highlight the significance of the colour and how stunning our doors look in that shade.

The colour Bog Oak has its origin in the bogs of Ireland, unique in its own way. This colour has been highly valued by wood carvers and those in fenestration for centuries. The RAL number equivalent for our Bog Oak is 8022.

True to its name, our Bog Oak doors suit rustic properties as well as modern homes.

Bog_Oak_Georgian_1_Gallery_IRLBog_Oak_TG_Gallery_IRLBog Oak Matisse Door

L-R: Georgian 1, T&G Glazed, Oxford & Milan in Bog Oak

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