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Composite Doors Tips and Advice

Composite Doors Tips and Advice

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Brick Surround Entrance

We are often asked what colours in the Palladio Door Collection suit a brick surround entrance. Our customers have 13 stunning colours to choose from and we have chosen just a few of our favourite composite ..

Palladio Door, composite door, front door, entrance door

Christmas Preparation

There is a definite chill in the air at the moment and with the cold winter nights fast approaching you want to ensure your home is nice and cosy throughout winter. A huge percentage of homes suffer heat los..

Increase in burglaries in winter months

Historically residential burglaries increase during the winter months and the most likely entry route for a burglar is your door, with 29% coming through the front door and 26% coming through a rear door in you..

The Cost of Composite Doors

When considering purchasing an entrance door there are some key features to consider. - Will it keep my home secure from break ins and ensure my family's safety? - Will it keep my home warm and not allow he..

5 Reasons Why a Palladio Door is Best

When choosing a front door there are many things that you must take into consideration such as your price point, durability, strength, thermal efficiency and of course aesthetics! If you are looking for a co..

Top Tips For Home Renovation

  1.  Start from the outside in - It is afterall the first part of your home that everyone sees and ask yourself "Does my home represent me?".  A fresh coat of paint works wonders and your entrance doo..

Why do composite doors cost more?

Why do composite doors cost more? When buying a composite door one of the first considerations for most home owners is price. There can be a vast difference in the cost of different compo..

Flood Testing

Flood damage can be devastating to a home and its occupants, not only because of the physical effects of flooding to the house but also the cost of repairing the damage can be astronomical. The Palladio Door..

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a composite door?
A composite door is an exterior door made from a multitude of materials, instead of a singular material such as wood or uPVC.

Palladio Maintenance Guide

The maintenance of a composite door tends to be minimal and is just another benefit of choosing one for your fron..

5 Reasons why a Composite Door is better than a Solid Wood Door

5 Reasons why a composite door is the right choice for your home compared to a solid wood door.

  • Cost & Maintenance
The initial cost of a solid woo..

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Installation of the Week!

Installation of the week

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    Catherine Murphy

    Having done a lot of research when purchasing our front door, we finally came across the Palladio Door collection. These doors met all of our criteria - highly secure, affordable and the design was perfect for our new house. We would highly recommend the Palladio Door Collection. Thank you for an excellent service.

    George Byrne

    We wanted a composite front door that was energy efficient, secure but also looked good. The Palladio Collection offered us the perfect exterior door solution. We got a 12 structural guarantee, we found them to be very helpful and would highly recommend these doors. George Byrne, Dublin

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