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Composite Doors Tips and Advice

Composite Doors Tips and Advice

Top Tips For Home Renovation

At The Palladio Door Collection, we don’t just want you to buy our doors but we’d also like to help you figuring the best things out for your home. We know what your home means to you and we’re here to he..

Composite Front Door

Why Choose Our Palladio Doors Over A Standard Composite Door

There are many reasons why installers choose to work with The Palladio Door Collection. It is easy to sell a Palladio Doors as they are simply overall better value than all the other composite door in the ma..

Home trends to watch out for

Home trends to watch out for

There’s no escaping trends, whether you make an attempt to replicate the styles you’ve seen in that home magazine or whether you’ve been oblivious to what is in vogue. Each style sets a tone of its own. ..

locking mechanism

Which Locking mechanism to choose?

We get asked the difference between our locking mechanisms all the time. Both of our locking mechanisms offer the utmost security and strength but the difference really lies in the functionality.. The Herita..

Composite Front Door Security Basics

View the following video to see for yourself how secure our Palladio Front Doors are, and our article on Front Door security basics will also give you security tips-