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Christmas Home Decor: Door

Christmas Home Decor: Door

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they handle 3 things: A rainy day, lost luggage and tangled Christmas tree lights.’

It is officially the time of the year when nothing goes to plan xD

With local stores and supermarkets enticing customers with their fanciest bits on display, it is safe to say that all we want for Christmas is to feel festive!

Personal shopping aside, who doesn’t love a little splurge when it comes to decorating their homes during Christmas?

While many of us stick to the annual routine of purchasing a wreath and hanging it on the front door, there’s so much more to decorating!

Let’s kick off this project Christmas, shall we?

Step 1: Christmas tree

The most important asset to this festive spirit. A great Christmas tree brings in the festive cheer, though all Christmas trees, no matter their size or the ornaments they have been decked with, are great.

You can either get a real tree or the artificial ones. A real tree would have its freshness, while an artificial one is an investment that could be used over the years.

Christmas bows, bubbles, bubs and baubles are what you need to make your tree brighten up your home. There are ornaments available in every shape and colour so have your pick.

Make sure to place some beautifully gift-wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. If you do not believe in the concept of gifting and think it’s too much of a hassle, gift-wrap something empty boxes. After all, it’s the emotions that matter.

Step 2: Door wreath

Wreaths are great for entrances but who said you have to have it just for your front door? Make an entrance by having a perfect wreath for your grand front door, and a stylish one for your back door. Instagram is great when it comes to shopping for handcrafted wreaths.

Don’t restrict yourself to floral wreaths. Wreaths can be made of anything really, from fresh flowers to dried leaves, pines, berries and more.

Garlands do the job too if you’re looking to decorate your mantelpiece.

Step 3: Home accessories

Bring in the festive spirit by decorating your centrepiece or coffee table with scented candles (swap them for LED lights which are candle lookalikes), cushion covers, doormats, Christmas signs and figurines on countertops and other furniture.

Potted plants in the hallway could also lift up your mood. Again, you have an option to go for natural plants or artificial ones. Red roses or poinsettias could add vibrance to the overall look and feel of your home.

Your cutlery could do with a bit of Christmas stuff. If you don’t want to replace your cutlery but still want to soak in the festive vibes, try getting Christmas-themed table runners, mats, coasters tablecloths, tea towels or oven gloves.

Remember, good food is a good mood, so your vibes can be transferred into the delicious turkey that you’ll be having for dinner or the scrumptious charcuterie served in for the night.

Important things to bear in mind:

  1. Make a list of inventory you have: Nobody said you have to mindlessly splurge to be the best Christmas host or throw the most extravagant party. Reusing & adapting your old bits is what modern times call for.
  2. Clean up: Before you embark on the journey of decorations, make sure you plan and clean as you go – rather than give up before you get finished.
  3. Have a theme: Optional. You can go all in for the classic setting, or stick to a particular colour. Minimalism is also in vogue.
  4. Shop for prices: Don’t forget to have a browse online and compare prices before you make a purchase. No one said you had to burn a hole in your pocket!
  5. Please exercise caution while hanging wreaths or other decor on your door.
  6. Have fun: Turn on the Christmas music and make this an event you share with your loved ones. Enjoy the start of the festivities.

Happy Holidays!