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Cost Of Composite Doors

We are the manufacturers of Palladio doors and deal with door trade only. This guide will provide you with an idea of what is involved when it comes to the cost of our composite doors.

As a homeowner surfing the web for front or back doors, you must have come across the term ‘composite door’ and wondered what it means.

A composite door is a combination of two or more materials, in our case, it’s wood and uPVC. Each material is chosen with utmost care, rendering the door type one of the strongest and most sought-after front and back doors.

When considering a new door purchase, here are some questions to bear in mind:

  • Will the new door keep my home secure from break-ins and ensure my family’s safety apart from being aesthetically pleasing?
  • Will it keep my home warm and reduce my energy bills come winter?
  • Will it last long?
  • Is there any maintenance involved?
  • If I am living in an area prone to flooding, will it keep the water out?

The Palladio Door Collection is the industry-leading range of beautiful composite doors that aren’t just visually appealing, but also extremely secure and durable, making them an ideal choice for your home. Available in 31+ stunning styles in 13 lush colours, our doors are value-for-money in every way.

The Avant Garde Collection is our range of contemporary doors that match the aspirations of modern homes, available in 5 brilliant styles in 10 vibrant shades.

Both our collections are extremely secure, energy-efficient, double-rebated and triple-glazed, meaning they will retain the heat and result in lower energy bills. The best thing about our doors? They come with a renolit foil finish which means they are not painted, so gone are your worries of ever having to paint the door because of it fading! It’s no wonder that we offer a 12-year manufacturing guarantee on our doors alongside a 5-year anti-corrosion stainless steel door furniture warranty and on glass.

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We get asked how much composite doors cost. While we are glad about this growing interest, we are the manufacturers of the doors and deal with door trade only across Ireland and The United Kingdom.

Composite doors will vary in price depending on your specific design and needs and the area that you’re based in- there isn’t a standard pricing guide. Composite doors are far superior to any of their PVC counterparts, which is reflected in their cost, offering great value. Although more expensive than a PVC door but less than a wooden door, we would describe our Palladio doors to be high-end doors that are worth every cent.

We have a thriving network of local installers across Ireland and the UK who are available to quote you and supply and install your chosen composite front or back door at your convenience. Most of these installers will provide you with a quote free of cost.

Get in touch with us today to know the local installers near you or use our free online and no-obligation door designer tool to design your dream door.

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