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Stainless Steel Door Furniture

Stainless Steel Door Furniture

Front Door Accessories

The new front door accessories range includes a choice of four finishes: Bright Chrome, Smokey Chrome, Brushed Steel and Gold. Get the fully-coordinated look by choosing door knockers and letterplates to match.

Finishing Touches

These Composite door accessories will be sure to make a striking statement and add that finishing touch to your high-quality Palladio slab.

With 31+ stunning Palladio designs and 5 Avant Garde styles to choose from, several such options are tailor-made to suit each customer’s needs and create an impressive entrance for the homeowner. The additional front door hardware accessories will further extend these opportunities.

Coastal Areas

Homes in coastal areas can often experience weathering- this could be an impact of salt in the air, erosion and strong winds. This could lead to problems such as fading, scratching or corroding. Our Palladio range has a Renoilt foil finish that has long durability and will never fade over time. If scratching does occur, it will show the true colour underneath.

The stainless steel front door furniture is extremely high quality, has a long-lasting finish, that will not tarnish with excellent corrosion and resistance durability which means it can withstand corrosion from oxidizing and salty elements resulting in a perfect option for coastal areas. It will offer a modern and stylish touch to your Palladio door with very low-cost maintenance.

This is long overdue and has already been received so well by our suppliers. We strive to listen and continue to raise the bar with our product and fulfill customers’ requests and suggestions.

Because we know high-end doors deserve high-end Composite door hardware whatever the weather. Come home to Palladio!