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How To: Upgrade Your Home

How To: Upgrade Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary. It is yours and you know what is best for it. It’s not, however, just an emotional state of matters but also takes up a great chunk of your time and finances.

With the rising costs today, it is only appropriate to think of ways to upgrade the value of your home over time so that it proves to be a good investment.

#ImproveDontMove is a trending hashtag used by home enthusiasts on Instagram. And it is self-explanatory. You can convert your current property into a stunner if you put the correct resources behind it.

First and foremost, come up with a plan. Do not jump the gun. No one said that you have to go all-out and end up with the grandest property. As they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Start by clearing the clutter. You wouldn’t realise how much space the extra items take up. Get clever with storage ideas by using up unused nooks and crannies.

Next, get your hands dirty and deal with the issues: Visible damps? Pests in the shed? Leaky roofs? Peeling paint? Gap under the door letting in the draughts?

You have to get down to the very basics before making any other changes. While these may be too trivial in some situations, it’s often these minor things that can hamper a lucrative deal when it comes to calling a place your home or selling it. Fix the root cause of the problems and not just what you can see. For instance, pests in the shed might not sound as much of a headache to you now but in no time, your home or the livestock if any, could be infested by these.

Work on the heating: You could easily upgrade old-fashioned radiators to more centralised heating for the whole house. However, we don’t just mean fixing and replacing radiators, heaters or boilers.

Instead of burning a hole in your pockets, you could invest in some LED and other modern lights that save massively on energy consumption which reflects quite nicely in your bills. Speak to your energy provider and see if installing a ‘night’ metre would be feasible so that you’re not charged as much if you carry out the chores during the night.

While we’re on the topic of energy, make sure to rewire any loose or hanging-out wires that will not only ensure safety but also maintain the aesthetics.

Solar panels are the talk of the town so if you’ve a house that is quite able for these, waste no further time in getting these installed. You wouldn’t have to worry about the rising costs of living in some aspects at least.

Upgrades: Extra space? Upgrade to an extra bedroom. Or a home office. Old bathrooms? Get those eco shower heads in place of a tub. Give your garden the makeover that it deserves. As we have said in our previous articles, you don’t need to have a green thumb. Planning well ahead and getting succulents that don’t require daily maintenance will do the job.

Fenestration: Replace the windows to let the bright light in. The days are shorter in the winter and what’s better than having vitamin D shine in through your new gorgeous windows?

And while we’re at it, get a new door. We cannot emphasise it enough the importance of getting a new front door. If your budget extends, get a new back door as well. Not just from the marketing perspective, but a new front door could tremendously increase the value of your home. A front door makes a statement about what lies beyond it. It has to be strong, secure and visually appealing.

Our front doors are manufactured in our factories and are virtually indestructible. The colour won’t ever fade away as they are not painted but come with a foil finish. Resistant to all weather, the door will never crack or rust either. What’s more, the heat is trapped in during the winter at the same time they retain cooler hair during summer. We’re so confident of our doors that we offer a 12-year manufacturing guarantee on them, possibly unlike anyone else in the market!

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